On Saturday, October 8 at the airport Wilamowo "Days of Remembrance ..."

Tradition has happened, that on Saturday, October 6 at the airport Wilamowo is a unique celebration of a patriotic and civic and religious, and dedicated to...
Our candidate to the Senate!

Already in next Sunday will be held parliamentary elections. This year's elections would be for us, the members of the Aero Club of the Lake District, had a...
Parachute training continued..

Young people from High School in Orzysz, upon completion of theoretical training at the airport Ketrzyn Wilamowo proceeded to write a test to check the level...
Aviation Tourism - tourism product of Warmia and Masuria

During this year World Tourism Day celebration were distinguished the Lake District Aero Club, for the tourist product 2011 - aviation tourism. During the Gala...
Another day of parachute training - supported by the Defense

Today is the second day of theory training, parachute jumping, organized by the Military Park Foundation. Young people hungry for knowledge after breakfast...
Training parachute - Airport Ketrzyn Wilamowo

From today (22/09/2011) at Airport Wilamowo takes first stage parachute training. The training is organized by Stanislaw Tołwiński - Chairman of the Board...
The next International Rally at the airports of Lithuania finished!

Sunday 11 September is the last day of our rally at the airports of Lithuania and foreign missions "Masuria Wonder of Nature"!
We like our friend...
International Rally at the airports of Lithuania 2011

"International Rally at the airports of Lithuania 2011"

08/09/2011 - Thursday


We invite you to the next International Rally at the airports of Lithuania!
With the mission "Masuria Wonder of Nature" to Lithuania!!

It became a tradition that in September we organize rally to Lithuanian friends by visiting interesting places, airports of Lithuania. This year the rally has...
Summary Mazury Airshow 2011

Last weekend was a true celebration of the fans air shows and aviation enthusiasts. In Gizycko, over the Lake Niegocin held a unique event - Mazury Airshow...
Preparations for the Friends of Aviation and Masuria International Fly-In & Mazury Airshow 2011!

After many years (13) initiatives Aero Club of the Lake District has become an international tradition of the August meeting pilots in the Great Masurian...
Summary of the rally at airports of Czech Republic!

On July 8-10 Aero Club of the Lake District along with the Aero Club of Silesia and Leteckia ULLa acting school at the airport in Frydlandzie organized and...
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