[ 2012.10.28 ] Airport for Elk!

In our information, added 12.04.2012 „Elk is about… to implement a New airport in it’s region" we’ve been announcing steps of government of Elk City and especially Mr. President Tomasz Andrukiewicz to make a local airport. There was an inauguration meeting 25.10 and inauguration meeting in Elk "Flying East Poland" confirming it. Project is being realized together with Krosno State and the city of Chelm and Elk. As we can already see the main goal of this project is the real idea of local airport in Elk region.

I’ve been honored to be invited for the inauguration of the project and thanks to Mr. President given a chance to make a presentation speech about "Progress of local airport in north-east part of Warminsko-Mazurskie State – a chance for our Region". In the message for the inauguration Mr. President has wrote:

"Implementing a local airport in mid-region of Elk is the crucial issue for the progress of an entire region. Having it done will increase economic progress including flying tourism and elicitation of village regions. The whereabouts of Elk (in transeuropean corridor) suggests a need of completing it with the road, railway and flying transport. There are undeveloped areas near Elk which make the possibilities to invest. This idea is mainly based on tourism-bussines clients."

Is there anything else to be expected of regional/local, enlightened decision-makers? Probably in airport environment we couldn’t sum it up better (as Mr President did). I’m very impressed by activity of Mr. President Tomasz Andrukiewicz and proud of his skills to temper words into deeds. The openness (for implementing an airport alongside with Mayor of the Krosno State Mr. Andrzej Bezdziecki) of Mr. President is surely worth mentioning here. From what I’ve seen it seems to be a great team!

Thursday 25.10.2012 there was a unique inauguration meeting in Elk. Schedule of the inauguration work has been fulfilled along with my honest support with a presentation about the matter.

There was an agreement signed – the cooperation of the Elk City and Kalinowo State to implement local airport together. Making "Inwesteko" and "Polconsult" a main organizer of the project (defining the whereabouts of the airport etc.) has been a very nice accent to the initiative of the local government as well.

As of today the main area in Elk region to implement an airport is ANR area near the Lega town in Elk State and area near the Pisanica in Kalinowo State. We’ll be having consulting corporations thinking about the destination place’s pros and cons. My favourite place for the airport would be an area near Pisanica.

This is how the place looks like from the cockpit of a plane! These are but few photos taken from our Morane 893E. They show the length and width of the area. I wonder what would expert corpotations would have to say about that? Being related mentally in the project I wish Mr. President of Elk and Mayor of Kalinowo State the best of luck. Below You can see some photos from inauguration meeting and the areas amongst Pisanica region. Wishing for the best and fast realization of the Elk project!

Stanisław Tołwiński

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