[ 2012.12.05 ] "Flying Mazury 2013" calendar... already available!
For several years, on the initiative of the Great Masurian Lakes Aero Club is issued "Flying Mazury 2013" calendar. We have already picked up from printing works so immediately may be a wonderful and unique gift for a friend, co-worker, aviation corporation member or family during X-mas.
As you can see on the attached illustration, head of the calendar "Flying Mazury 2013" was dedicated to the unique historic aircraft S-38 Sikorscy, popularly known as the ?Flying Yacht of Discovery".
It's as proof of our great appreciation for Tom Schrade (pilot and aircraft owner until recently) who was visiting in 2011 and 2012, the air show "Masuria Airshow ..." It is also a proof of sympathy for the American crew of the ?Flying Yacht of Discovery". - Tom and Sally who have become our friends.
By passing information about the calendary, we would like to thank the co-authors of the initiative and the possibility to use 3 pictures of Krzysztof Kurka, 2 photos of Torsten Meier. We thank also for the kind advice and technical support from Milosz Krawcewicz and Krzysztof Rusiecki. A certain symbolic support as part of its promotion gave local governments of Cities: Elk and Gizycko-County Office and Municipal Gizycko and Kętrzyn, as noted in placing their logos (Arms) on the calendar.
For all of You who are interested in our calendar particulars information can be obtained in AKJ addressing mail to: wilamowo@lotniskoketrzyn.pl or call the number +48 89-752 45 21 or +48 503 172 835.

By passing information about the calendar, "Flying Mazury ..." , Please visit our aviation events in the Great Masurian Lakes region in 2013.

To all readers of this news and all the friends of AKJ I am sending my best regards!

Stanisław Tołwiński

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