[ 2013.01.01 ] Dear Friends and Sympathizers ...of action "Aviation Masuria"!!!

Despite the catastrophic previews the Mayan calendar and end of the world, luckily it's not the end of it, and now We have started New 2013 Year, full of hope and surprises. Surprises would be joyful and motivating to even bigger challenges of XXI century - those in the personal and social life.

On this occasion of the New Year Dear Friends, we wish you a constructive moments of reflection on the past year and implement important and necessary for you plans for the entire 2013 year full of nice surprises.

We have also received wishes that are addressed to you, and read as follows: ?...Proximity, not just on special occasions, understanding, not only from friends, sensitivity to the charms of life and fulfilling your dreams, giving a real happiness ..."

We sign fully under these wishes directing them to you. In the AKJ also we intend take advantage of their power!

AKJ Board

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