[ 2013.04.10 ] The 10th April - The third anniversary of the Smolensk crash

Approaching the third anniversary of the government plane crash Tu-154. It became our tradition, that we meet the April 10, 2013 at the Ketrzyn Wilamowo airport, where will be the another Appeal of Remembrance dedicated "Victims of the Smolensk catastrophe".
As sensitive people, in this special day we would like to express the memory, pay tribute to the victims of national Smolensk crash. May this tragic incident induce us to meditation, reflection and kindness to our brothers. Member of the local government Mr. Tadeusz Mordasiewicz in cooperation with The Great Masurian Lakes Aero Club invites to the Ketrzyn Wilamowo airport to take part in celebrations which will begin on April 10 (Wednesday) at 8.30 am in front of obelisk, which commemorates this tragic incident.
We also organized a meeting to pray with students and teenagers but also many of delegations, fire brigade, Army Orchestra community of the region.
So we invite all of those people, which this tragedy recalled the smallness and mortality of life. Let’s meet on April 10 at the Ketrzyn Wilamowo airport.

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