[ 2013.06.11 ] The Great Masurian Lakes Aero Club’s next birthday was held in sunny weather... AKJ’s fete terminated! Masurian Technical- Defense Maneuvers behind us...!

It became kind of tradition, that The Great Masurian Lakes Aero Club's birthday on 11.06, refer to the activity of Ketrzyn Aero Club, later named The Great Masurian Lakes Aero Club.
In this day, airport is open for children and teenagers interested in the history of the airport and aero club. This year, on the same day was held the Masurian Technical- Defense Maneuvers, organized by “Military Park” Foundation sponsored by Mr. Stanislaw Tolwinski (owner of airport and President of AKJ).

Masurian Technical - Defense Maneuvers. At 9.00 started to record the participants. There were many interested to take part in many competitions because the weather was warm and sunny. After hearing the rules, participates started the competition. This year’s Masurian Technical - Defense Maneuvers had a lot of interest. Participants were shooting with air gun and arc, also took part in the multi-purpose run for orientation, which had a 3 km long. Interesting task was to throw a grenade., which despite appearances, was not easy. Also was slalom run and 10x10 run. A nice touch during this event was informative campaign about National Reserve Forces organized by Recruitment Department from Lidzbark Warminski. Girls delegation from Military Base of Lidzbark Warminski also took part in the competitions. After the end of the competition all ate a delicious sauerkraut and meat stew. During Masurian Technical - Defense Maneuvers children and teenagers could also learn interesting facts about the airport and its history. Everyone could visit the hangar in which was An- 2 and everyone could see the inside and sit in the pilot seat. Another attraction was a military truck called UAZ, who took children on a ride.
At the end, organizes gave prizes for the best participants. The event took place with the financial support of the Ministry of Defense "Military Park" Foundation.

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