[ 2013.05.31 ] The second day of the Rally ... the best soup of sorrel and sailing by ship Chopin on the Sniardwy lake- today's attractions

Has just continue the second day of the 5th International Rally at the airports an airfields of Warmia and Mazury. Have just returned to the Wilamowo airport airplanes participating in the rally. Crews today visited airports in Gizycko GryĽliny and Kikity..

Some photos:

At the airport in Gryzliny Rally participants were warmly welcomed delicious sorrel soup with potatoes. Everyone, without exception were delighted to taste. After returning to the EPKE ... All participants went to Mikolajki to spend time on sailing ship Chopin on the Sniardwy lake. Grill, smiling faces and beautiful views of the participants were a nice touch ended the second day of the rally.

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