[ 2013.06.29 ] Seaplane at Babice airport! Had the DHC-2 BEAVER on its way to "Mazury AirShow 2013"?!

Circling Moran aircraft at Warszawa – Babice airport I trying to fly out to Ketrzyn I saw unusual view next to Air Traffic Control Tower. Although I not rubbed my eyes but it was a big surprise. I did not expect such a view, unique seaplane ( which will be during Mazury AirShow 2013) not in water but on aircraft parking apron at Babice airport. After the consultation with the tower I stopped circle and after a while I warmly welcomed aviation and Mazury enthusiast – Robert Biernat. Owner of Zerniki airport, OSL, aircraft fleet ( 3 of them on the float) and of course, DHC-2 Beaver with registration marks SP-MKI. To prove this unusual situation, I took some pictures.

I used this meeting with Robert (at the picture he’s staying next to his Beaver) to discuss the participation his seaplanes in Mazury AirShow 2013, include Beaver. Incredible and unprecedented attraction will be possibility to passenger scenic flight from Niegocin lake around Gizycko or around another towns, for example Elk, Mragowo, Mikolajki, maybe Wegorzewo. In one flight will be able to attend four people (family or group of friends). I assure you that it is great fun and great opportunity! Please take a look below as the plane looks on the water!

Because of the need for operational planning of the aircraft, AKJ Office started records for this extraordinary flight. All interested, please contact : akj@lotniskoketrzyn.pl or : wilamowo@lotniskoketrzyn.pl. Unique opportunity to take advantage! I encourage!

Stanislaw Tolwinski

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