[ 2013.08.06 ] Organizer`s afterhoughts after Mazury AirShow 2013
A few days have passed since the Masuria Airshow display ended! Here comes the time for numerous evaluations, afterthoughts and conclusions, probably important for the next edition of Mazury Airshow.
We will have to wait for the full evaluation for some time. However, I would like to provoke a lot of people personally involved in preparations and the realization of the show as well as the readers of this news to send their remarks, comments and willingness to cooperate in the next edition of Mazury Airshow 2014.
Neither me nor the organizers should asses if the displays were attractive for the audience. It should be done by those who could watch the shows from a certain distance. I want to apologize to the thousands of people for the disappointment caused by the so expected F-16 planes. I was trying to do my best to change the situation but the army procedures are impossible to overcome. Even the arguments that this kind of show, proving lack of imagination, would be negative for the image of the Polish Air Force were not seen as convincing enough.
Nonetheless, I wish to express my gratitude to Lieutenant general pilot Lech Majewski – the Air Force Commander for making the decision to present Aerobatic Team ORLIK, W-3 Falcon Helicopter from 2nd GPR( Search and Rescue Team) in Mińsk Mazowiecki and F-16. Besides not really satisfying F-16 show, the Air Forces formation displays were welcomed enthusiastically by the audience and received deep affection. Mr. General we wish to express our gratitude on behalf of Warmia and Masuria local governments, several dozen thousands of gathered spectators and the organizational crew for the decision to show high skill level of the army pilots. This year, 85th anniversary of army aviation is going to be celebrated under the White and Red Chequer. Therefore, the show and the participation of the Air Force gave us an impulse to remind the society, and especially the observers of Masuria Airshow displays, of this event. The important element of our shows besides our regular guests - pilots or teams (like e.g. The Flying Bulls) during the Mazury Airshow 2013 was the fact that a lot of planes in ULM category took part in the shows. It is a very good indication of the expansion of the ultralight aviation. Are we going to compete with tendencies of our southern neighbours-The Czech Republic and Slovakia? We always envied them that and now something is changing here. Despite some people’s dilemmas, I am a personally declared enthusiast of this form of fulfilling aeronautical dreams. I am grateful for the presence of all my colleague pilots at Mazury Airshow 2013 and for their readiness to promote ultralight aircrafts.
The real phenomena of the organization of Mazury Airshow 2013 are highly qualified volunteers who were fully dedicated to fulfil all the tasks planned the best it could have been done. From the aeronautical operation management with Stefan Weker as its head, the great work of Tadeusz Sznuk as the commentator, to numerous teams of people at the Wilamowo airport coordinated by Adam Dzięcioł or in Giżycko coordinated by Andrzej Lewandowski in my opinion they stood up to the expectations very well. Thanks to them/you we can be proud of the effects of this year’s edition of Masuria Airshow. I want to thank you for this enormous and selfless contribution in building Mazury Airshow prestige. I will have a chance to thank our volunteers appropriately in person. Today I just want you to accept this message: without your work, without your enormous involvement and competence we wouldn’t have had the chance to enjoy what was achieved. Of course the effects of “Mazury Airshow 2013”! It is our collective, your/our success and can be a reason to be proud for everyone regardless of the tasks/missions they had during the “Mazury Airshow 2013”
The essential asset for good achievement of the planned aims should be a decent financial cover. This condition is traditionally difficult to realize. Lack of financial cover means certain limitations as for the level of achievement of organizational setting as well as a terrible nuisance for the organizers balancing on the border of making miracles. Of course, we are grateful for the financial support of Masuria and Warmia voivodeship’s local government with the amount of 80.000 zl, Giżycko Town with 60.000zl and Giżycko Borough with 12 300 zl. All of them pre-tax. We understand that they can’t give us more but the old saying .... cut your coat according to your cloth….in Warmia and Masuria Voivodeship ( supported with money from other boroughs) is really adequate in this case.
We also appreciate a lot a donation from the Millennium Bank given to support actions of AKJ or the contract with a broker company MENTOR SA. But these are the only safe components of our financial support. Our attempts to encourage merchants having their stalls in the show’s zone (where crowds of people passed) were not successful (with the exception of four cases) and they didn’t give us any financial support, even the nominal fee. It is really sad that even those who earn during the Mazury Airshow are indifferent to pleas and requests of the show’s organizers. It is sad, that the audience go past uninterested in supporting the shows by buying a special postcard for only 5 zl, a postcard which can be a nice memorabilia and a space where they can collect autographs from the pilots. Of course there are always material funds of my family (to their raising surprise) which let me cover the essential obligations. Those experienced in organizing similar events know that without money (minimum 500 000 zl) one cannot organize such shows well. And we, having less than a half of this sum managed to organize shows for the 15th time. We mainly achieved that due to barter contracts e.g. with City Board Media or with a dozen or so hotels and other support like transport or sounding. I am afraid that many people have no idea about the existing problem which is lack of financial cover. Maybe this is mainly my problem in communicating with business people in Giżycko, inhabitants of this region and Mazury Airshow audience. I would be glad to receive some clues for the next year. I want to thank dearly everyone who supported us this year.
Please forgive me the way of expressing my reflections but since I started collecting your remarks and implications I decided that the problems above are important to be mentioned. I bow down low to all the coauthors of Mazury Airshow 2013, partners, media patrons, the mentioned local governments, hotels (recommended on our site) and many well-wishers of our actions. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Yours faithfully Stanisław Tołwiński

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