[ 2013.11.09 ] Mazury AirShow received ... a statuette in competition "The Best Available Product and Service of Warmia and Mazury"!

On Thursday evening (7th November) we came back (delegation AKJ- Iwona Doroszko-Bigda, Adam Dzieciol and Stanisław Tolwinski) from Olsztyn, from the Gala of the 9TH Edition of the contest "The Best Available Product and The Service of Warmia and Mazury" in a very good mood. Satisfied with the Internet voting of such a big number of the internet users and the jury's verdict, giving a major trophy (statuette) in the category of an EVENT for the Mazury Airshow - the largest civilian air show and the only one like this in Europe on water (with the participation of seaplanes), and over the waters of Niegocin Lake.

This important award is a great way of appreciation but also acknowledgement from the most important committees in the region of Warmia and Mazury, for the many volunteers who have been creators of Mazury AirShow over 15 years. It is very motivating for the efforts of volunteers and members of the flying club, in favor of many initiatives - aviation events (mainly Mazury Airshow), which have been organized for many years to consistently implement the promotion of the region series of events called ‘Flying Mazury’.

The statuette for the EVENT commonly known (nationally and abroad) under the name of Mazury AirShow was handed by the Deputy Speaker Jarosław Sloma together with Ms. Anna Wasilewska and with the President of the Polish Radio Olsztyn, the Director of the Polish Television TVP Olsztyn and a representative of the editor of a local newspaper “Gazeta Olsztyńska”– who were co-organizers of the competition : ‘The Best Product and The Service of Warmia and Mazury’.

An additional splendour for the Aero Club was an invitation of AKJ President to make a speech during the gala. In his speech the AKJ President Stanisław Tołwiński thanked for noticing and appreciation of efforts of the Aero Club Management Board and the many devoted volunteers - creators of the Airshow for over 15 years. In the presence of the participants during this event, including the regional authorities and the media he emphasized the importance of "Mazury Airshow" for the promotion of the region as its BRAND - a Regional Product, well recognized and identified in the country and abroad. He thanked for the partners of this event - mainly for Provincial Government (especially for the Marshal Jacek Protas, Local Government of Giżycko town and Giżycko Commune for material assistance). He also spoke about the role of the media in promoting the event : Radio Olsztyn, Polish Television TVP, and the newspaper ‘Gazeta Olsztynska’ as the media patrons for Mazury AirShow –the most recognizable tourist regional product from Mazury in Europe.

This very emotional speech by the President Stanislaw Tołwiński emphasizing the phenomenon of creating Mazury AirShow as an attractive public event, non – profit, with a great tourist destination and media potential, created exclusively by volunteers, has received immense appreciation from the participants of the Gala event. The representatives of the Giżycko District Office using the unique atmosphere handed the AKJ President an album and written congratulations for the whole Aero Club.

This is a good moment to say a big tank for the logistics partners, for the Polish Air Force, for many pilots (Friends of Great Masurian Lakes) selflessly taking part in Mazury AirShow.

Summing, we would like say thanks a lot again for everybody, who took part in the implementation of the 15th edition air shows on Mazury – Mazury AirShow 2013

Appreciating the many friends AKJ and our initiatives aviation events, already today, we invite everyone to cooperation for the best arrangements Mazury AirShow 2014!


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