[ 2014.01.05 ] So we have a New Year ... 2014!

On this occasion we send to all friends of Aero Club of the Lake District and the Masurian air show known as the "Mazury AirShow", involved in the implementation of many years action "Flying Masuria" only positive and - optimistic wishes, among them, would the 2014 years has met different expectations, gave personal and family satisfaction, lots of resistance in overcoming unexpected difficulties and all auspiciousness every day and that health ... a lot of health always, always… .Let it be a year full of success, always the right choices and abundance to measure individual and family needs.

And with reference to Affairs that surround the intentions of the statute and program of Aero Club of the Lake District, from the perspective of already completed 2013 years, please forgive me summarize the below my / our vision certain aspects of organizational functioning AKJ and indisputable achievements in the past year.

What for us begs the with as a matter the most important characteristic image organizational activity and public of Aero Club of the Lake District? So let's specify:

1. All activities AKJ and the largest air events on Masuria of many years we have only a social asset, not hiring anyone in the AKJ and don’t leading any business. All functions in AKJ, including the function of the Director of AKJ (played by Adam Dzieciol - businessman from Gizycko), are / were performed professionally and with great commitment but fully socially.

2. Aero Club of the Lake District its activity conducted - realized without the support of the budget, mainly due to the free using airport and planes and the considerable support from the family of the President of the AKJ. An important advantage of strengthening the finances AKJ sometimes public whip-round on the airport Wilamowo (with the consent of Commune Administrator from Ketrzyn) carried out especially during the most important aviation events. Although in AKJ funds is not enough, the state information from the accounting was not limited inventiveness of the Board for the organization aviation events - publicly very appreciated.

3. Many volunteers (we not account people from AKJ) around initiatives AKJ, also requires the underscore for a fuller understanding of the sources of efficacy, with noticeable successes, mainly "Mazury AirShow 2013". In our volunteers team We have many friends from Gizycko, Wegorzewo, many from Warsaw, Elk, Lublin and Lodz. For everybody (volunteers) - mainly with organization "Mazury AirShow 2013" , is to be commended for the great personal contribution to creativity and the work - often involving their own funds. The most famous medial person among volunteers for many years is Tadeusz Sznuk - His potencial and possibilities intellectual and voice dedicate for Masurian air shows.

4. More and more publicly noticed and appreciated becomes the initiative Board of AKJ programmed for years and consistently implemented action "Flying Masuria", the aim is to show the pilots in Europe the possibility of our region and for the development of regional aviation importance of tourism within the framework of growing General Aviation.

It is noted that more and more acceptance and support of these activities by local governments: Warmia and Mazury Voivodship, Cities and Community Gizycko. In some initiatives we also received symbolic support from local governments : Community Ketrzyn, Barciany, Srokowo and from City Korsze.

5. A series of over a dozen complete events we started 10th April with "Appeal of Remembrance ..." the anniversary of the Smolensk disaster and we finish with unique celebrations "Day of Remembrance of Stefan Cardinal Wyszynski and Pope John Paul II." And among the very popular of realized tasks must be replaced : "V International Rally at the airports of Warmia and Mazury", "Rally in the Czech Airports", "Rally at the airports of Lithuania ", XV International Rally of Friends of Aviation and Masuria " and the most important event – "Mazury AirShow 2013"

6. The reason for satisfaction of all members of the AKJ and numerous volunteers is / was honorable mention by the jury of the competition "The Best Available Product and Service of Warmia and Mazury" (Having regard to the very many voices Internet users) most important prize - a statuette in the category of biggest event. Accept this award as a thank for a fully social implementation of many volunteers, the biggest civilian air shows realized "non profit" and evidence a significant recognition of the "Mazury Airshow" the most recognizable "Regional Product".

7. An important aspect of popularizing activity AKJ was Information functioning of our websites: www.ttlot.eu , www.lotniskoketrzyn.pl , www.mazuryairshow.pl and great kindness of the media (journalists, TV, radio, newspapers, Internet portals and photojournalists). By them we could more effectively promote our initiatives.

So there is something to be proud, showing also that / to whom we owe the possibility of these social achievements of 2013. Before us the tasks planned for 2014, widely shown in the "Calendar of Events" on www.lotniskoketrzyn.pl. After analyzing the "Calendar ..." you can see that the appetite for the quantity and ambition for realization highly posed the task decreases.

Number of events, their nature and their high evaluation has become a recognizable sign of AKJ. We should to assure our friends and supporters already prepared "Mazury AirShow 2014" that the Board AKJ in the New Year will continue to "keep high standards" in our activities and will provide many impressions flight in the Land of Great Masurian Lakes.

Well, then so be it!

On behalf of the Board of AKJ
Stanislaw Tolwinski

P. S. On turn of the year we sent to friends and published on our web portals and Facebook below the published wishes for Christmas and the New Year

We have received many wishes from friends from Poland and abroad. All for the wishes and on this occasion the warm words on our address. Among the received wishes were different graphic illustrations. Among the wishes from our friends from different parts of the country stands out received from Aerobatic Team "Orlik" :

We decide also present Christmas card from Lars Cedwall, friend of Masuria and organizer arrivals historic DC-3 from Sweden.

and an interesting card and wishes sent Radka Machova - Czech aerobatic team leader.

Dear Radka & Lars! Thank you for your interesting illustrations of your wishes.

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