The appeal of Remembrance " Victims Catastrophe in Smolensk"

Celebration devoted to honour 4rd Anniversary of tragic air cathastrophy in Smoleńsk - plane with Government delegation. Tragic death of Mr. President Lech Kaczyński and 95 people who assisted him; they were heading to Katyń to visit graves of murdered Polish Officers to honour them. Entire country was shocked. Remembering the cathastrophy we decided to put a peculiar statue at the airport of Wilamowo. We also organized a meeting to pray with students and teenagers but also many of delegations, fire brigade, Army Orchestra community of the region and many religion believers at the airport (third time already). It shows how important this tragic death of many honorable people was to the inhabitants of Poland.

So let's meet on Thursday morning (10.04.) at the airport Wilamowo in front of the obelisk and at 08 41'06'' (time of the plane crash) let us give evidence of memory this tragic incident and for the victims of the disaster.

Spring weekend in Mazury

Recreational- tourist stay according to the individual needs of pilots - secured by services of the airport. It will be a great weekend with lots of attractions. We offer help in organizing your stay, charter boats, accommodation and interesting tourist program. Aircraft security and crew transport. Please send your notification to e-mail: wilamowo@lotniskoketrzyn.pl .

Aviation Army Weekend

Official Grand Opening of the events taking place in 2014 at the airport. Main attractions are the following: exposal of military stuff and active participations in many program proposals and picnic all day long. Army Weekend is also a celebration of 10th Anniversary of Poland joining European Union and refers to the Holiday of Flag and Constitution of 3 May. Inauguration Party at the airport as always. For further inquiries and information please contact: wilamowo@lotniskoketrzyn.pl .

Teenager Shooting Event as a part of International Childs Day at the airport

Party in the scenery of historical airport is an offer for children and parents who wants to know the issues of aviation and aviation model-making. Event program includes kite and many flying models making, challenging competitions and to play at the fireplace. The new element in 2014, will be the competition...the tournament shooting.

Feast of Lake District Aero Club

This feast is linked to the anniversary of the establishment of the Aero Club Ketrzyn, which took over the traditions of the Lake District Aero Club. In other words, it is the birthday of AKJ. Presents are welcome and good fun guarantied!

6th International Rally around airports and airfields of Warmia & Mazury

Being organized for the 6th time with showing the availability of aviation around our region as a main goal. Our local territories are nicely fit to welcome General Aviation planes. It?s an opportunity to spend a wonderful weekend equally for pilots and sailors. Do not hesitate then and visit us! Check more info by sending us a question via mail: wilamowo@lotniskoketrzyn.pl

XVI The Friends of Aviation and Masuria International Fly-in

It will be jubilee aviation meeting, it?s also an attractive offer for plane crews from country and abroad for spending active and full of attractions weekend in the land of The Great Masurian Lakes. Program is consisted of : together evenings, sailing, car rally and ship journey by water way. It?s also an opportunity to get many nice trophies in the aviation competitions and challenges in Mazury region during International Fly-in. So if You would spend 4 uncommon days - you should participate in our Fly-in and come as soon as possible! For further inquiries and information please contact: wilamowo@lotniskoketrzyn.pl .

Mazury AirShow 2014

There is an AirShow being organized each year in Giżycko. It makes tons of people come and visit. It?s going to be the fourth time of Mazury AirShow this year however 16th time of aviation shows in Mazury region. To that event we invite many people related to flying like parachutes, pilots, jumpers etc. - owners of many private planes. Event program is consisted of: airshows, parachuting jumps, social events and a big market for aviation enthusiasts. Mazury AirShow is one of the biggest non-profit events in Poland and the only one of this type in Europe - realized at the same time on water and above water of Niegocin Lake.Check www.mazuryairshow.pl for more info! All inquiries should be directed to: a.dmowski@mazuryairshow.pl or wilamowo@lotniskoketrzyn.pl .

The International Rally at airports of Lithuania

One of the most lucrative cooperation piece of working with Lithuania is rally around it?s airports. It is a part of Transborder Aviation Tourism progress realizing. Rally is being opened for the crews from all over the country. The Great Masurian Lakes AeroClub being the organizer of the event invites everyone for together departure to Lithuania promising the interesting tourism program pre-made by our friends from Kauno Aeroklubas and Marijampoles Aeroklubas. As in 2012 and 2013 will be an opportunity to test your fitness on a special ski slope (in the hall) in Druskininkai. Perhaps we will do ski races of Polish and Lithuanian crews? Interested in participating can find more information on request in the mail: wilamowo@lotniskoketrzyn.pl 

The Memorial Day of Stefan Cardinal Wyszyński and John Paul II

Event of patriotic-national and religious accept, being devoted to celebrate the memory of the great fellow Countrymate - Primate of the 10 centuries and since 2006 also the memory of John Paul II - the most enthusiastic flying pilgrim. Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński visited our airport while his detain 06.10.1954. This year we?re having 14th Anniversary of this event. Program?s consisted of: grand speech, honoring Stefan Wyszyński and John Paul II by leaving flowers under the regional statues symbolizing mentioned ones. After very emotional grand speech we?re going to participate in holy service in aviators hangar - celebrated by Archbishop Edmund Piszcz.

Epilogue - end of season events at the airport Wilamowo

It is an opportunity to drop the curtain and sum up the airport events in sport-navigate spirit of season 2014.

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